Web Designing is my work and camouflage, Forex Trading is my hobby and my main money machine, Skateboarding is my social network. We are creating a beautiful and powerful website using Wordpress and supported with HTML5 and CSS3. We also able to do a shopping cart using an Opencart CMS. want a new one or just refreshing your existing site?

Web Designing

A B Testing and the Art of Improvement

Perfection is an ideal. A concept in the mind with no grounding in the physical reality in which we live. Akin to the perfect circle or parallel lines. There are no such entities anywhere in the known universe, save for the human imagination. Yet we...

Forex Trading

Forex Weekly Trading Forecasts: A Return of Liquidity Likely to Revive Volatility, Trend Development

Dollar Pushed to the Edge with Risk and Yields Raising the StakesThough its progress was restrained by the same liquidity drain that reined in risk trends, the dollar managed a broad recovery this past week. Yet, the conviction behind this move c...